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Every Syrian is a private organization that was created and is funded by a concerned family. 

The purpose of our organization is to provide the most urgent and critical aid to those that need it the most regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or political background.

Our focus to date has been on aid distribution in the form of cash, food, medical supplies and other critical aid to needy families. Our operations for these activities span across Homs, Hama, Idleb, Damascus and Aleppo.



Another goal of ours is to help people help themselves. We aim to provide a wide range of individuals and small businesses with the necessary funds to re-start their destroyed businesses, find their goods and services a market and provide mentoring.

Every Syrian works with various 'last-mile' aid organizations across Syria in order to utilize pre-existing networks that ensure that our aid reaches the right people. Click here to see the various organizations we have worked with.

"Tomorrow is better"

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