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Each month Every Syrian supports a number of local communities across the country by providing the funds needed to purchase basic food supplies, housing and medical needs. 

To date, Every Syrian has distributed $550,000.00 to various towns across Syria where we are able to verify it's distribution towards basic food items, medical needs and to support families that have lost everything.

Every Syrian Monthly Distribution & Support

Every Syrian has donated $4,000.00 per month to locals still living in the neighborhood, which happens to be the city's most impoverished. However over the last few months donations have been sent to the northern suburbs of Homs city after the Assad regime occupied the entire city.


Old City, Homs
Waer, Homs

The neighborhood of Wa'er in Homs City is now home to some 600,000 refugees who have fled other parts of Homs in order to seek refuge from the conflict. Every Syrian has donates $5,500.00 per month to locals. The money goes towards supporting families with basic needs.


Al Atarib, Aleppo

The small town of Al Atareb in Aleppo has been utterly devasted by war. Every Syrian provides support to local families by donating $4,000.00 a month.


Aleppo City

The city of Aleppo, known for it's excellent food, rich history and great people has turned into a city of rubble, death and misery. Fighting has destroyed the city and it's social fabric. Supplies of all basic food and goods are hard to find, there is little water and power and no safety anywhere. Every Syrian provides $5,000.00 a month to support local food distribution in the city.


Sahel Al Ghab, Hama

The area is known as Rif Hama (the outskirts) and it borders the province of Idleb. The Sahel area was and still is to an extent a widely neglected area in terms of humanitarian aid. Locals there have seen fierce fighting over the last year and before that had no jobs, no income and no help. Every Syrian began donating roughly $2,700.00 per month to support local families by providing cash payments to purchase food and basic items.


Maaret Al Nouman, Idleb

In December 2012 Every Syrian began providing $3,000.00 to medical doctors in Ma'aret Al-Nou'man to help treat the many wounded as a result of brutal and fierce regime bombardment that occurs daily across the city. In addition to this, in April 2013 we began sponsoring families with disabled and/or handicapped people in the town an started providing monthly meal packages for refugees living west of the city in the ancient Roman ruins near the town of Hass.


Al Safirah, Aleppo

This small town south east of Aleppo became home to thousands of refugees fleeing regime bombardment in Aleppo city. Recently the town has seen intense fighting. The misery of residents is still widespread. Since Oct 2012 Every Syrian has donated $500.00 per month to local residents for basic needs.



On an ad-hoc basis, Every Syrian has provided $30,000.00+ to various communities across Syria when we are able to verify the intended recipients. The communities include Talbiseh & Houla in Homs. Various areas in Rif Damascus. Daraa (City). Hama (City). Anadan in Aleppo.


This is a small town north of Damascus in the Qalamoun area of Syria. It lies along a major highway in Syria which results in contact bombardment and conflict. Every Syrian provides $2,500.00 a month to local residents for the purchase of medical supplies, food and clothing.


Al Nabek, Damascus
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