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Robohand Syria


We are grateful to have had the founder of Robohand, Mr. Richard Van As, leave the safety and comfort of his home and family in South Africa and travel to Syria in order to establish 'Robohand Syria'.
During his difficult trip he managed to train technicians at the National Syrian Project For Prosthetic Limbs how to fit and build a complete Robohand from scratch and teach them how to use a 3D printer to print the parts needed for the hand. Despite several logistical setbacks due to the chaotic nature of the war in Syria, the majority of the necessary equipment did not arrive in time, however Richard, resourceful as always, managed to make due with what he physically carried with him in his bag and build the very first Robohnd in Syria.
This is the first step in a long term project to change the lives of tens of thousands of Syrians who have lost their limbs. Robohands will enable these people to restore functionality to their hands again.
Much more to come in the next days, weeks and months ahead ...
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Date: April 2014
Budget$55,000.00 to build the first 150 hands. 
Goal: To fit one Robohand per day



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