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Medical Projects

Every Syrian and a host of other charities have partnered to bring critical medical aid and supplies to the people of Syria. Much of the country's medical infastructure has been destoryed or badly damaged with the majoruty of all hospitals and clinics now dependant on charity and aid.

MedShare Supplies

Our partnership with US-based MedShare in shipping containers of medical equipment to Syria

Rif Hama Clinic

We were able to refurbish and supply a small medical clinic in the Rif Hama area in March 2013.


We donated two ambulances and facilitated the delivery of a third to hospitals in Aleppo and Idleb


Prosthetic Limbs

We are proud to be among a list of local Syrian charities sponsoring the only free prosthetics clinics in Syria.

Special Needs Center

Every Syrian sponsors a special needs center for children in Aleppo in coordination with the Free Medical Association of Aleppo. 

Al Ghanto Clinic

We helped establish a small clinic in the town of Al Ghano just North of the city of Homs.

We were able to help resupply a small pharmacy in the Al Wa'er area of Homs after is was destroyed.

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