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More Projects

A list of projects, initiatives and campaigns that Every Syrian participates in on a special case or regular basis in Syria.
Haas Laboratory 

After losing all of his equipment, including a sedimentator and microscope, the only working medical laboratory in Hass, Idleb had to shut down, thus depriving it's owner of any income and the town of much needed medical tests. Every Syrian provided the town with new equipment in April 2012.


In Dec 2013, Every Syrian helped residents in various areas of Homs city purchase, refurbish and prepare housing for refugee families. 

Blankets for Homs

In 2012 Every Syrian worked with the Syrian Expatriates Coordination to provide hundreds of blankets and mattresses to the people of Homs who had not only lost their homes from regime shelling, but had no means to keep warm during the frigid winter.

Water Well

In April 2014, Every Syrian and Karam Foundation teamed up to build a water well in Northern Syria. The well provides fresh clean water for locals

Idleb Bakery

In Nov 2013, Every Syrian, Karam Foundation and Syria Relief teamed up to build a bakery in the town of Maaret Al Nouman in Idleb. It is the only automatic bakery in the town and it's bread is paid for by the local charity council and distributed for free.


In 2014 Every Syrian began sponsoring the Dar Al Salam Orphanage located in Kilis, Turkey on the border with Syria. The Orphanage currently houses, educates, feeds and provides the health needs for 100 children.

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