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Monthly Support ​

Each month Every Syrian spends $25,000.00 on supporting local communities needs in the form of providing basic food items, medical treatment and cash payments to families that have lost everything.



Medical  ​

Every Syrian is fortunate enough to have partnered with a couple of world-class medical charities in order to provide desperatley needed medical equipment and aid to clinics and hospitals all across Syria.   


Food Distribution ​

Along with local volunteers and activists on the ground, we help distribute critical food aid to thousands of Syrians without any means to purchse or grow their own food.

Refugees  ​

Every Syrian has partnered with many well known local charities in Syria and outdise of Syria in order to provide critical aid to the tens of thousands of IDP's (internally displaced people) along the border with Turkey.

Misc ​Projects

These are various projects that Every Syrian is undertaking in order to help people help themselves. From establishing bakeries, to rebuilding labs and providing working capotial to small businesses.



Robohand Syria ​

Founded by Mr. Richard Van As in South Africa, Robohand came to Syria in order to establish the first free center to fit Syrians with upper limb prosthetics. 


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