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Events / Capmaigns

All across the world various activists have been working tirelessly to raise money for the people of Syria. Our aim is to bring all of these campaigns onto one page so people can choose from a wide variety of events and funding-campaigns happening at any time around the world.


With your help, we will make sure communities inside Syria have a stable and consistent supply of baby formula. We have secured a deal with a Turkish pharmacy that will sell units of Bebelac baby formula (500grams) at a discounted, wholesale rate. Karam is proud to partner with Every Syrian on this campaign. 

 Click here to donate.

Seeds For Syria

Violent armed conflict in Syria has caused millions of Syrians to flee to other parts of Syria and to neighboring countries, creating a humanitarian crisis in which food is a top priority. With support from partner organization SPI is establishing vegetable gardening projects for internally displaced refugee to produce their own food.
The project will ship a pallet, which is about 30 cartons, or in total 42,000 packets. This grows 150 tons of food or more = 1.5 million vegetable servings.

Click here to donate to this project

WFP Quiz For Syria

Take this quiz below (or go here to their website) and WFP will feed one family in Syria for one day. It's that simple. No Money. No Excuses.

Click here to make a donation to the WFP in Syria

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