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Click on the banner above to choose from one of the listed aid organizations and donate directly to them. The organizations below are either ones we have directly worked with or ones that have been verified and are legitimately working on the ground inside Syria.



If you think that we are missing any aid organizations working on the ground in Syria, or dedicated to aiding Syrian refugees in neighboring countries or if you'd like us to add your own event and campaign to this website, please contact us and after we verify your work, we will gladly add you to this page.


Activists around the world have carried out hundreds of various events and campaigns to raise money and awareness for the people of Syria. We try to update as many of these campaigns as possible and offer people a quick and easy way to help out.


Syrians need much more than your moral, spiritual or vocal support. We need your material and physical support as well. You can donate to a charity below, donate to an event/campaign or contact us directly if you would like to contribute your personal skills.

At Every Syrian we do not accept direct donations, however if you would like to contribute to a project please contact us directly and we can work things out. We can easily verify all projects with your contribution.


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