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These expenses are paid for by the local charity council in the town. We would appreciate any help in covering these monthly expenses.
Diesel (Mazot): There is no electricity in the town, therefore all power is by way of generator. The bakery uses 700litres per day (10 hours per day). The cost per litre is approximatley $0.30 which equates to $6,300 per month in energy costs.
Salaries: The bakery employs 20 people at an average salary of $150.00 per employee which is $3,000.00 a month. The bakery manager does not accept a salary.
Flour: 5 tons of flour is used per day. The average cost per ton of flour is $230 which equates to $1,150.00 per day in flour and approximatley $34,000.00 per month in total flour costs.


Every Syrian$20,000.00
Karam Foundation$15,000.00
Syria Releif: $5,000.00
Private Individual: $10,000.00
All supplies and equipment for the bakery were purchased in Syria in order to benefit the local economy.                                                      


Date: November 2013
Current Production50,000 loaves a bread per day.
Flour use: 5 tons
Employees: 20 (twenty)




Every Syrian, Karam Foundation and Syria Relief built the sole automatic bakery in the town of Maaret Al Nouman in Idleb. The expenses to run the bakery are paid for by the local city council charity and the bread is distributed for free to the town's poor. The town has a current population of some 30,000 people from an original population of 150,000+ before March 15th, 2011.

Together Every Syrian, Karam Foundation, Syria Relief and a private individual raised $50,000.00 for the construction of the bakery. 

An automated bakery is built in the town to supply needy citizens with bread. 

Maaret Al Nouman Automatic Bakery

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