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MedShare & Every Syrian Medical Shipment

USA based MedShare & Every Syrian sponsor a container of medical equipment to be delivered to clinics in Northern Homs, Syria.

Here is a video of the great people at MedShare packing the container in Oakland, CA (USA) with medical equipment and supplies ready to be shipped to Homs via Turkey. 

Over May & June 2013, Every Syrian worked with local medical associations in 12 different towns in the Rif Homs area to deliver vital medical aid to clinics in Houla, Rastan, Talbiseh, Al Ghanto, Dar Al Kabeer, Al Qareetayn, Tel Ma'aret, Al Qusayr, Al Boudiya Al Sharqiya and Al Zafarneh.

This is a video of the medical supplies in a storage area on the Turkish/Syrian border in Bab Al Hawa. The trip to Homs is extremely dangerous so the items had to be stored until the roads were safe. Special thanks to Turkish based IHH for helping us clear the container at the port and delivering the container to Bab Al Hawa.

After more than 2 months of trying, we were finally able to deliver medical equipment to the towns of Al Ghanto and Tel Maret just north of Homs city. The shipment went from Bab Al Hawa to Talbiseh then after many failed attempts to Al Ghanto.

This shipment was the second one sent to the towns of Al Ghanto and Tel Maret that arrived a few days after the first one.

Donation by: Every Syrian
Donation by MedShare in Return: $251,000.00 worth of medical supplies
Clinics Supplied: Rif Homs Area: Rastan, Talbiseh, Al Houla, Al Dar Al Kabeer, Al Boudiyeh Al Sharqiya, Al Zaafaraneh, Al Qaryatain, Al Ghanto, Tel Maret and Al Qusayr.
Logistic Costs: Paid by Every Syrian





Thanks To:
IHH - INSANI YARDIM VAKFITurkey largest aid organization and one of the largest providers of aid inside Syria. They helped us clear the container through customs and delivered it to Bab Al Hawa. Click here to visit their website.




MedShare: Is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving healthcare and the environment through the efficient recovery and redistribution of the surplus of medical supplies and equipment to those most in need. MedShare was generous enough to take a risk with Every Syrian in donating supplies to very high risk clinics in Homs, Syria.   




HAND IN HAND FOR SYRIA: Is one of the largest and most reputable aid organizations operating inside Syria. they were generous enough to lend us storage space at their warehouse in Bab Al Hawa until the road to Homs was safe enough to pass.




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